Password Manager

The City of Stamford has a password management system that will allow you to change or reset your email password (admin network) on your own without having to contact the help desk. This will be especially useful for those users who do shift work or access their email regularly after regular business hours. Iif you forget your password, you may reset it yourself using our system. If you are a teacher or other SPS employee, please note that this system currently is for your email passwords, and not your curriculum accounts.

The link to enroll your account is here:


It is very simple to enroll your account. Go to the link above and on the welcome page page, simply choose "enroll".

Password Manager

On the first page you will be asked for your current username and password. (If you are a new user and your password is still the default temporary password, then you should enter that.) Your username is not your email address - it is the name you would enter to log in to web outlook.

On the next page, select the questions that only you will know the answers to. You also have the option to type in your own questions and answers by selecting custom question.

Password Manager
Once you have completed setting up your questions, you will be enrolled. IMPORTANT: If you are a new user and you have never set a password, be sure to click the reset password choice and then follow the steps to reset your password to something of your choice other than the default. Otherwise, click "Home".

Password Manager


You may want to change your questions from time to time. To do this, please choose the "Re-enroll" link and follow the same steps as above.


If you need to reset you password, choose the "Reset Password" link on the enrollment page.

Password Manager
You will then be prompted to enter your username. (Your username is not your email address - it is the name you would enter to log in to web outlook.) You will then answer some of your questions to confirm your identity. Once you have done this, you can then reset your password.


If you know your password and simply want to change your password, then choose the last link on the enrollment page.

Password Manager
You will be prompted to enter your username (Account name) old password and new password.
Password Manager
Please note that you still have the option of contacting our help desk at 977-4936.
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